It is Georgeís central conviction that a work of art must always contain an esthetic quality which he strives to incorporate in every painting, considering it equally important as the more or less unique subject matter or style and medium. Art, as he sees it, has further the fundamental cultural assignment to heighten and enhance the awareness of the observer in a positive way. To be able to convey this kind of message with his paintings poses the challenge and is the main reason for George - by putting prime emphasis on quality and vision - to continually improve his artwork.

Within the last five decades George has lived for extended periods of time (always many years) apart from Austria in Canada, Switzerland and the USA where he resides since 16 years and he traveled primarily the south of Europe (Italy, Greece, France and Spain) very intensively. Influences from the enormous cultural and historic heritage of those countries are evident in his artwork like for instance in the Land-/Seascapes that capture the incredible light and hues of tropical Florida reminiscent of the Mediterranean (see
""). On the other hand, the fresh wind and endless possibilities of nonobjective abstraction, especially abstract expressionism, inspire George to create very distinct artwork. For him itís like breaking the sound-barrier, the bonds of realism that is.